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  • i’ve got a bakery

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  • i sit up here and write sometimes

    i swear it’s all worth doing; prioritization is always key; sometimes i forget that as well though

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  • all work and no sleep makes cait an awkward and even more neurotic being

    obsessions come and go so often; multiple neuroses are hard to keep track of

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  • ...i didn't know what to put. But hey! Look how they spelled my name?! :D So silly Londoners.

    the end draws near and i’m becoming worse at titles and updating

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  • no pants november off to a great start

    no pants november outfit #1

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    no pants november

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  • my writing is often now incomprehensible

    reformation of a cadet of the grammar police: or how i learned a valuable lesson in the fight for the shades between black and white

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  • my friend told me i look like jailbait. yay?

    new hair, new you?

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  • gorgeous hotel in paris. you know this one. ;D

    it takes sometime to realize what’s home

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    london, i’m finally writing about you

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